viernes, 28 de mayo de 2010

Bugzilla: How to receive email notifications with your own changes

One thing that was disturbing me is that by default, in gnome bugzilla you won't receive an email notification if you, e.g. add a comment in a bugreport, or change the priority of a bugreport, because it's YOU who have done it.
Instead, in freedesktop bugzilla you will receive it by default.

I find it useful, because you can follow in your mailbox all the changes and contributions you have done in one evening and because it eases reading bugreports from email. Otherwise, if someone mentions you, you will have to go to the bugreport webpage to know what you said, because in the message thread for that bug, your comment won't appear.

Fortunately it was easy. It's enough going to "Preferences" and then "Email Preferences" and then uncheck all the checkboxes in the last row, which says "The change was made by me".

miércoles, 26 de mayo de 2010

Starting repository migration of portland to Git

Using CVS is a pain for me and nowadays it's pointless using it. Actually there are enough open source alternatives, distribuited or not.
Unfortunately the portland project hasn't still migrated to It's one of the few that is still stuck.

Today I have imported the repository as Git and then I have uploaded it to GitHub. I will try to keep it updated and synchronized with CVS. For it, I have opened a bug report to notify it and to ask what to do about the rewriting names task. Git has a field in every commit to specify who was the author of the patch and who has committed it and their email addresses. This is very useful to keep authorship even if the author hasn't an account to commit. As CVS lacked it, we have to "rewrite" the past. Also, CVS used a nickname to identify the author of a commit. With Git it's usual to specify your full name and your email address.

By the way, as I say in the bugreport, the new git repository can be found here:

Let's go for the 1.0.3 release! (1.0.2 release was in June 2007 :-/)

And we are not the only ones who rewrite the past! See:
Texas schools board rewrites US history with lessons promoting God and guns (what a shame)
Nineteen Eighty-Four

martes, 25 de mayo de 2010

GUADEC Hispana ya tiene página en Wikipedia

Me he enterado esta misma tarde de que la VII GUADEC Hispana se hará en La Coruña durante los días 22 y 23 de julio. Aunque casi seguro que para esa fecha haya ya vuelto a España, no sé si iré porque no sé cómo andaré de liquidez. Ya había también mirado la GUADEC en (La Haya, Holanda del 26 al 30 de julio), pero también se me salía un poco de presupuesto. Así que de momento me conformaré con haber ido este año a la FOSDEM y a la RootedCon, de las que aún tengo pendiente hacer unos resumencillos :)

De paso, he creado en la Wikipedia la página para la GUADEC Hispana, ya que desde GUADEC se enlazaba varias veces y nadie la había creado aún. De momento no tiene mucho, más o menos lo mismo que la de GUADEC, pero es informativa y espero que más gente cuando pase por la página se eche un commit. También le he dado una pequeña pincelada a la de GNOME Hispano, (que por cierto tendría que mirar para hacerme socio) y he hecho que GUADEC-ES también redirija a GUADEC Hispana.

martes, 4 de mayo de 2010

Maybe your HP Pavillion tx2000 is not dead at all...

(End of March 2010...)
This morning when I woke up, I found that again I had fallen asleep in the bed reading in the computer.
I tried to switch it on but I couldn't.

Everytime I pressed the button, all the LED lights became blue as usual but then less than one second later  the computer switched off suddenly.

I was afraid. Maybe the battery was faulty, but it was plugged to the electricity.
I went to lessons thinking that I would have to find a place to repair it.

During the lessons I found in the HP website that the symtomps pointed that it needed to be repaired but with other symptoms you could do a 'Hard Reset' and it would be working again.

When the lesson finished I came back home quickly and I did it. And it worked!! :)

'Hard Reset' consists on:
1. Take out the battery
2. Unplug the AC cable.
3. Press and hold the power button at least 6 seconds.

I'm posting it because it was not so easy to find the procedure. Now I'm happy again :) and I wonder how many laptops that have been shipped to be repaired could have been fixed doing that... And how much did it cost to the owners :-(

BTW, I started some time ago a page in the ubuntu wiki to get everything working in this HP Pavillion model. It's still in construction and some bugs need to be fixed before in the kernel. I'm working on it.. :)

Update 10/Apr/10: hard reset is not working anymore, my laptop seems dead :(

Update 4/May/10: I just saw my laptop inside its cover under my desktop and with a bit of sadness decided to try to turn it on. Luckily and enigmatically IT WORKS AGAIN :)))

It seems that some internal capacitors had kept charged. In fact, what Hard Reset did, was trying to uncharge them. One month later it seems that they got finally uncharged.

domingo, 2 de mayo de 2010

Getting your OS spanish event sponsored

I have just discovered that the CENATIC foundation (Centro Nacional de Referencia de Aplicación de las Tecnologías de la Información y la Comunicación (y olé)) is sponsoring spanish free software related events in Spain.
In 2010 there are two deadlines to send your applications, one in February and another one in July.

Isn't it awesome?? :)

Convocatoria de patrocinios de CENATIC para eventos SFA.